Pool Design Concept and Intent

The inground swimming pool design process starts with the homeowner’s wishes.

The logical next step is to become familiar with the town’s zoning and building code requirements. These parameters will immediately determine if and how the homeowner’s wishes can be met.

Is the design intent conforming and a straightforward application to the town? Or, is your design intent non-conforming and requiring special consideration and a possible variance?

Once the inground swimming pool design process is complete and town approvals and permits are in place, the project can begin.

Minor changes to the pool’s design can occur as long as these changes stay within the limits set forth in the original approval and permit.

These “tweaks” to the plan should be expected, and are part of the project’s design evolution.

The Project

In the top picture is a blue line that pool contractor Barry Marson painted on the ground to guide his excavator.

Although Marson followed the general concept of the pool as drawn on the master plan, I watched as he tweaked the lines and curves.

He makes these adjustments using his knowledge of pool construction and engineering. The pool design concept remains the same.

Now that the pool has been dug within the parameters of the approved site plan, the shape of the pool is formed out of steel reinforcement rods and the plumbing is installed.


At this point there have been meetings with all involved contractors so that every design feature is being considered and prepared for.

For example, all underground plumbing, utilities, and drainage have been strategically placed to accommodate the pool as well as any other features on the plan.

The value of careful planning, communication and coordination among all the people involved is critical to the project’s outcome.

So now that all aspects of the inground swimming pool design have been reviewed and each of the necessary steps have been taken, the pool concrete (a.k.a. gunite) can be “shot” onto the re-bar frame.

Since the pool shell is such a major “anchor” element in terms of the design and engineering, the balance of the project could now move along readily.

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