Welcome to the Homeowner’s Guide  to Landscape Design

Landscape design is so important because it combines aesthetics with engineering, construction and plant life.  When all these aspects are in sync you’ll not only have a beautiful landscape, but one that functions well and stands up over time.

Landscape design table of contents

Design Strategy

To get your landscape to look and function the way you’d like takes a process.  And it starts with appreciating your property’s unique characteristics, because they play a major role.  The beauty is not only in how the landscape looks, but also in how all the elements “work” together.  After all, it’s a living composition.

Problem Solving

Oftentimes what brings a landscape designer onto a property is to solve a problem.  This can be anything from a drainage issue to a collapsing wall to overcrowded plants.  In many cases these problems could have been avoided from the start.

Creating With Design

After overcoming site challenges (all properties have them) and providing the features a homeowner wants, it all has to “look right”.  And the final test of a good landscape design is how it develops and sustains over the years.

“Roger has been an invaluable asset in the design, development & installation of our home’s landscape.  He fills the roles of advisor and project manager, and at times, installer.  Always patient, Roger takes the time to understand our tastes & preferences.  He is willing to provide as much direction as needed and always with creativity and attention to detail.  Quality results, on budget, and on time!”

Judith & Bob Nelson