Planning a Landscape Project?

I bring experienced design and oversight to your landscape project – always with your best interests in mind.
7 Steps to a Successful Landscape Project

Landscapes are complicated – from design to build.

And you’re going to have concerns, like with any home-improvement project.

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Problems with home improvement and construction topped the list of worst complaints, according to a report from the Consumer Federation of America.  This should not be the case.  So why is this happening?

Over the years the construction industry has changed – triggered mostly from a shortage of skilled help.  The reality is young people are more interested in other types of careers.  As a result, today we have this huge demand for home-improvement work and too small a skilled workforce.

Landscape companies are trying to meet consumer demand, especially in the design/build sector.  But it’s not easy when these landscape projects require such a range of knowledge and experience.

Today, more than ever, focused oversight with ongoing communication has become so important.  I believe in the old saying, “never assume” – so I work collaboratively with everyone.  The less-experienced contractors like the guidance, and the more-experienced ones appreciate the input.

Yes, there’s a lot that goes into a successful landscape project, but you shouldn’t have to worry things are being done right.  I provide experienced design and oversight so you stress less and actually enjoy the process.

Hi, I’m Roger.

Landscapes are indeed complicated.  If you think about it, we’re working with living things, engineering issues, construction features… just to name a few.  And we want them all to work well together.

Over the years I’ve designed and managed 100’s of landscape projects.  And yet I’m still learning every day. 

Here on LandscapeAdvisor I highlight the important considerations in your landscape project — what to look for, and also what to avoid.

I’m a homeowner too, and I know projects like these can easily turn from fun and exciting to stressful. I can help keep that from happening.  Thanks for stopping by!

Focus on your family and life while I focus on your project.

Peace of Mind

It’s knowing that someone experienced cares about your project details and you as a consumer.


I’m always accessible and will keep you informed so you know what’s going on… and why.


I design so all elements work together. That’s good for the environment and cost savings for you.

“The consults we received from Roger were invaluable.

We would never tackle a project like this

without his guidance and care.”

-Dr. Ann Nylund


How We Work Together

I’ll guide and advocate for you through your entire landscape project.  My goal is a beautiful landscape and enjoyable process — without the usual concerns of a home-improvement project.

1. Discover

These are some of the first things to consider. We’ll discover how our ideas match up with the realities of the site.

2. Design

Bringing it all together in a universal plan for pricing and contracting.

3. Implement

Making it all happen with scheduling, coordination and oversight.

Resources To Help With Your Landscape Project

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