My Work

Here are some of my favorite projects.  You’ll get to see the evolution of each one from their early stages to final results.

I documented the projects as they were happening with pictures and descriptions of the work.

You’ll see what the project objective was and how we went about getting there.  I share some of what goes on “under the hood,” so to speak.  This will make you more informed for your project.

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Widen a Drive Entrance and Build a Beautiful Pool in Limited Space

A phased approach to landscaping your home is a common tactic. This is where smart planning plays an integral role.  There will be aspects you want to get to first.  Just be sure you’re considering what comes next – and accommodate for it in the current phase.

The goal was to design and install a pool in an area with environmental restrictions and limiting zoning codes.  For the pool project and subsequent phases, the driveway entrance needed to be made wider.

From Wood Deck to Stone Patio

Decks and patios both provide outdoor living space.  But it’s important to look at all the factors that might influence your choice.  These factors include your family’s lifestyle and how you plan to use the space.  Also, the design of your home and lay of the land play a part.  And remember to consider the nearby spaces and how they’ll relate to a deck or patio.

The goal was to redesign the space to better meet the needs of the family while complementing this Tudor-style home.


Completing a Pool Project Started by Others

It’s rare for me to get involved with a project once it’s contracted and underway.  This was one of those.  Fortunately, the homeowner was perceptive enough to see the unprofessionalism, stop the work and get help.

The goal was to take most of what had already been done, re-evaluate, create a comprehensive final design, organize a team of new contractors, and complete the project.


Landscape Renovation to Correct Design & Build Shortcomings

Landscape renovations are not only an opportunity to create a new look, but to correct issues that were not originally addressed correctly.

The goal was to give this existing pool, hardscape and plantings a refresh – and fix shortcomings in how it was first designed and installed.


A Sloped Backyard Transformation

Sloped properties can pose challenges.  Water runoff and erosion need to be solved for obvious reasons.  And maintenance is also a concern if the slope is to be kept presentable.  But after addressing these challenges, the slope can still remain unusable.

The goal with this sloped backyard was to convert the slope into level areas, each dedicated to a use.  This included a lawn area for open space & activities, pool & cabana level, and a sportcourt for all sorts of recreation.


Working Through Existing Conditions for a Special Backyard

In the design process one of the first steps is to find out what the limitations and/or restrictions are for the property.  With this information you can consider the possibilities realistically.

The goal was to design & install a pool in this established, beautiful landscape.  We knew from the start there would be challenges and compromises.  But after you see the outcome, you know it was all worth it.


A New Outdoor Living Area for a 100 Year Old Home

It just makes sense to first do renovation work on the house itself before the landscape.  Of course, circumstances of urgency or need can certainly change that strategy.

With this home now renovated it was time to shift focus to the landscape.  The goal was to create an outdoor living area so family life could finally move outside too.