Time to Install the Fence

Generally, you would build and install all the hardscaping features first, but you must think through the logistics of your entire project because there are exceptions to this rule.

Accessibility was a primary concern on this site because of its relatively narrow width and long depth. The extreme slope (approx. 15%) added to the challenge.

For the most part the cabana was complete (short a few interior details), the patio was done and most of the the softscape was in place.

However, there were still finishing details within the pool area that installing the fence would make difficult to do.

The fence was scheduled in sync with the plastering and filling of the pool. Once the pool is filled with water it must be fenced – this is code.

To give his crew accessibility for these last few details around the pool, landscape contractor Dave Kennedy asked the fence installers to leave one specific “in-line” fence post set, but without concrete.

This enabled Dave and his crew to remove the one post and the 2 respective fence panels giving them a 12′ wide passage way.

Once their remaining tasks were complete, they re-set the 2 fence sections and post in concreteWhat this simple tactic saved in terms of time is immeasurable.

Aluminum Fence Is Attractive And Affordable

If you’ve been reading LandscapeAdvisor for awhile you may have noticed my liking for metalwork in the landscape.  Although I’ve had some metal features custom fabricated, this type of work can get costly.

A number of manufacturers produce decorative aluminum fence in different styles with “powder-coat” paint finishes that give an authentic look at a reasonable price.

The fence above is produced by Jerith, but there are others you could consider. Some of these manufacturers also offer heavier gauge versions for more demanding applications.

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