Often in our quest to produce a really creative and unusual design we neglect the boundaries of good taste.

I frequently remind my design clients (and myself) of the old design rule “less is more”.  Obviously this is a generalization and there are exceptions.

In this case, however, I’m talking specifically about the use of specimen plants.

These are plants that are exceptional and extraordinary. They are meant to be used as “focal points” in the landscape.

The ‘Montgomery’ Blue Spruce above offers a good example of a unique, eye-catching specimen plant.

In this front foundation garden I used plant groupings to create unified drifts of plants to complement the home,

Then, by placing the ‘Montgomery’ Blue Spruce in a forward position along with a few native boulders found on the property, there’s a single, special feature that visitors can enjoy on their way to the front door.

By practicing restraint with these unusual specimen plants the only thing you’ll ever be accused of is having good taste. 🙂

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