How often do you see tree removals and tree work being done with actual tree-climbers and ropes?  I have to believe every tree company out there has a climber with the equipment and skills, but it’s just not that common a practice anymore.

Why?..Because of hydraulic bucket trucks and cranes.  Alot of industries use bucket trucks, from utility companies to commercial sign installers.  It has revolutionized the tasks of working high-up, most importantly by making it safer.

tree craneCranes have enabled tasks like tree removal and the placement of large heavy objects from point A to point B, even in some of the most precarious situations.  Cranes in the tree business allow removal of whole trees and limbs in controlled, efficient ways.  Some of this work would have been considered dangerous and next to impossible before cranes came on the seen.

Still, watching a skilled climber navigate the sky-high structure of a tree is a feat to behold.  If you’ve ever climbed a tree just for the fun of it, you can really appreciate the level of skill to do what they do.

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