Waterfalls have always had an alluring affect on people and have become one of the more sought after features in the landscape. As with anything in-demand, the market responds with a slew of hungry businesses eager to meet that demand. As a designer, I can tell you it’s not easy to find companies that can select, arrange & install stone in a natural and convincing way. In my opinion I would not even consider a waterfall unless I knew the feature was going to look realistic. The look of the entire project will be compromised by a poorly built, unnatural waterfall.

In the picture above is a waterfall constructed by pool contractor Barry Marson. It’s designed to support the spa nestled unpretentiously behind it. In fact, with the surrounding plantings the spa has an almost secluded feel to it. This inspired Marson’s stone setter to arrange a portion of the waterfall boulders as stepping stones to the spa. There’s an alternate route via a stone path from above.

If you are considering a waterfall or any other type of arranged stone feature, do your homework by insisting to see other stone work the company has done. If the work you see does not strike you as natural, either eliminate the feature from the design or seek out another company.

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