I thought you’d like to see how the sport court tiles look after they were installed over the concrete slab base.

A border tile surrounds the sport court and serves as a frame that retains the inner tiles.  The border tile also slants down to the outer edge making it safe and easy getting on and off.

All the tiles interlock with one another so there’s no movement whatsoever.

The tiles are designed like a honeycomb where water can run through them to the concrete base.  I like the fact that the play surface drains immediately with this design, but I’m concerned about debris collecting in the voids.  Time will tell.

A 10′ high black, mesh fence is planned for three of the sides with the fourth side open facing the house.

At the far end a “rebounder” is planned. This is a mesh fabric screen pulled super tight like a trampoline that you can hit a ball against.

This is a nice feature for practicing your forehand and backhand in the privacy of your backyard.  And if your tennis game is anything like mine, privacy is important. 🙂

The sport court company is also providing all the equipment for playing the other sports and activities, including a net for volleyball and badminton, roller-hockey goals and shuffle board gear.

The stone retaining wall for the next level is now complete and the builder has started the cabana.

The pool is actually well-along in construction and right on schedule.  My next posts will give you an inside look at these exciting stages of the project.  Wait till you see this pool!

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