The upper terrace, having been demolished & removed, is now ready for its new concrete sub-slab.

And although the fill material in this raised patio area has had years to settle, the mason contractor still ties the reinforcement rods right into the home’s foundation. This “structural connection” eliminates the possibility of the patio settling next to the house.

With the wood forms securely in place its time for the concrete.

Because of difficult access and the area sitting up high, it was decided to hire a concrete pumping rig to pump the wet concrete into place. What a relief for the mason’s crew who usually wheelbarrow the cement.

The last step in this sub-slab installation and preparation for the masonry terrace is to tamp the wet concrete to the proper level.

The tool the mason is using for this leaves a very rough texture so that the decorative stone and mortar, which goes on top, has good adhesion to the base slab.

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