The other day I was invited by Alan Goodell of East Coast Landscape to visit a project of his in a beautiful lake community.  I was taken not only by the inherent beauty of the site, but how East Coast respectfully handled that beauty during their project.  I’d like to share my visit with you and some of the wonderful things I saw.

The driveway must be over 200 yds. long and traverses a descending grade to the lakefront home.  At the top entrance to the drive the homeowner wanted the lantern style used on the house repeated. To right away introduce the theme of working with the surroundings, East Coast set about making the “post lantern on a rock”.  The boulder itself was core drilled from bottom to top.  They had a core drilling machine on-site to assist drilling and splitting large boulders to clear for the driveway.  A 6″ X 6″ timber post was also core drilled to a point where the fixture would be.  To connect the post to the boulder a mounting bracket was fabricated out of plate steel. Additional holes were drilled in the boulder where threaded rod was installed using Hilti Epoxy. With matching holes in the bracket, it could then be attached to the boulder. It was obvious I was in for a special experience as I began my walk down the lengthy drive.

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