The Shape Of Things To Come

There is a pool feature that appeals to both young and old alike.  I call it a “sundeck,” and no doubt it has other common names.

The sundeck is a raised portion of the pool, most often by the main stairway in the shallow end.

It offers a deck platform where the water is a consistent depth of anywhere from 10 to 18″.  And because of the custom nature of today’s pools, you could make the depth anything you want.

The size and shape of the raised sundeck is another aspect under your control.

The idea behind the sundeck is to give a generous area of consistent shallow water (perfect for the kids) and also a place to set beach chairs where the water will partially cover you (nice for the adults).

How It’s Built

The picture at the top shows the future shallow end of the pool.  You can see how the gravel has been sloped up at that end.  Notice too how the reinforcement steel framing is following this slope.

To create the stairway and raised sundeck the concrete gunite is applied to the gravel incline and reinforcement rod, and gradually built-up and shaped.

Here’s the gunite process in action. What an incredible medium to work with.


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