I’ve talked about those monumental stages on landscape projects where in one phase the job appears to take a giant leap.

Well, installing pool gunite is one of them.  And on this day we all felt the progress…especially the homeowner.

What Goes Into A Pool Shell

After the excavator has dug and shaped the pool, steel reinforcing rods are used to construct a shell.  Additional features such as steps, ledges, platforms, etc. are also formed.

Not only do the reinforcing rods (often called “re-bar) provide structural strength, but they are used as a design medium to enable just about any creative shape and idea.

The pool gunite (concrete mix) is pumped through a hose where it combines with compressed air and is shot onto the steel reinforcing rods.

The crew members shape and work the pliable mix to form gentle contours.

In one of the final phases of the pool’s construction, a colored decorative plaster is applied to the pool’s gunite shell.  This is another opportunity to “tweak the design” by plaster selection.

It’s a good idea to see the plaster choices in actual pools with water in them.  If that’s not feasible take the plaster samples and submerge them in water for the effect.

We’re not quite ready for plaster, but I’ll be sure to capture the plastering process for you to see.

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