Pool Equipment Location – You Should Have Choices

Many of the basic pool companies out there are focused mostly on production.  They want to be competitive on price because they know most customers choose on a cost basis.

Therefore, it’s smart to be aware of all the proposed details, including where the pool equipment will be located.  In most cases features like this are changeable and upgradeable.

Case In Point

With the pool shell constructed it was time to install the pool equipment , i.e. filter, heater and plumbing. The pool contract called for the equipment to be located within a certain distance of the pool.

The problem was you would be able to see and hear the pool equipment if it were installed within the contract’s allowable distance.  This was not acceptable.

For an additional fee the pool company located the equipment on the side of the house, out of sight and never to be heard from the pool or other entertaining areas.

Note: The additional fee covered the additional piping, trenching, and an upgraded pump to handle the greater distance.

A Good Rule About Underground Utilities

I’d like to make a suggestion to everyone who is having anything installed underground.

Photograph all open trenches that contain wires, pipes, conduits, etc. Make sure your pictures contain enough surrounding features in the yard for reference.

This is something I do on every project and I can’t tell you how many times these pictures have “saved the day”. 

For example, it’s not unusual that a utility must be located for a repair or for some other reason.  Or perhaps you’ll need to dig on the property in the future to add a tree or build a pergola.

It’s nice to know ahead of time what lurks beneath the ground.

These pictures can be used to locate things after they have been buried.

In fact, consider in addition to the pictures measuring just where these utilities are and transfer those measurements onto your landscape plan. This is called an “as-built” and is another great reference to place in the house file (with the pictures).

Since all of this recording can be done in digital format, it’s easy to keep this information indefinitely.

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