This simple pool cabana and rectangular inground swimming pool were on the property when the new homeowner moved in. As part of the overall renovation the cabana would get a facelift with not only interior improvements, but an exterior redesign that echoed some of the architectural elements of the home.

The inside became a one room lounge area with tile floor, a counter/cabinet section with sink and fridge, and a cozy grouping of comfortable seating surrounding a low coffee table.  A paddle fan in the ceiling is a nice, practical feature.

To provide a changing area for guests, an outside enclosure was built off the back of the pool cabana. This private changing area includes a few separate stalls with built-in benches and hooks for clothes. There’s also a shower and all this is “open to the sky”, which is quite nice for its summertime use.

On the exterior the added side window, wider door entry and overhang transformed a shed-like structure into a charming, homey place to hang out.

Landscape Planting Completes the Look

Nothing can help any structure integrate better with the site than an appropriate planting design.  Once again scale and proportion come into play.

The planting area shape is curvilinear to be more casual.  It extends just past the front corner of the pool cabana to soften the vertical line of the building.  The planting bed also extends past the back of the cabana to soften that vertical line and the connection of the changing area.

clematis on white trellisThe plant choices are a mix of deciduous, evergreen and herbaceous plants.  One plant I’d like to point out is the Amelanchier (a.k.a. Shadblow).  It’s the taller, multi-stem shrub on the left corner.  Notice how effective this plant’s height is in “grounding” the structure to the site.  Also, check out the Clematis growing on the white trellis panels.  This element adds additional color and interest without taking up valuable space.

In the overall setting I like the scale of the pool cabana. It provides the practical amenities the family needs without overpowering.

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