Often we come across a part of a home where it just needs a little something to make it more interesting and inviting. The building may be too flat or just not have enough detail in its design.

A garage side of the house is typically a good example of this austere look. The addition of this pergola type woodwork over the garage dramatically improved the appearance of this everyday approach to the home. It is constructed entirely out of cedar and has been allowed to weather to a natural grey.

pergola trellis

Walpole Woodworkers, MA

Walpole Woodworkers in MA produces a variety of exterior architectural features to take average looking parts of your home and make them special.

Enhancements like this should be one of your considerations when designing the landscape.  Its features like these that really give the home personality and charm.

I should mention that most of these features are now being made out of synthetics as an alternative to wood.  The longevity and maintenance benefits are obvious.  And I must say, some of these synthetic products are virtually indistinguishable from wood.

Entrances and Outdoor Spaces

pergola over entrance

Walpole Woodworkers, MA

Entrances to the home are another area to add a pergola like structure.

They help to define the space like an outdoor foyer.  The overhead cross-joists serve as a “ceiling” to the area, making it seem even more like an outdoor room.

There are few ways to approach these pergola type design challenges.

  • Research and become familiar with the offerings from a company like Walpole. Then, take those design offering ideas to your project and see how they might fit the situation(s).
  • Companies like Walpole will do custom work too.  Contact them with pictures of the project area and perhaps a simple sketch of your idea.  They will also send a representative out to the site if necessary.
  • There are skilled carpenters out there that can build structures like this.  The pergola like woodwork on the garage in the first picture was done by a local carpenter.  He took a simple sketch and concept and “ran with it”.

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