Repeat Landscape Elements To Unify The Design

Now that the mason has completed the stone steps adjacent to the pool, landscape contractor Dave Kennedy could begin setting the balance of landscape boulders.

Dave is conscious of the aesthetics and integrates his boulder work with what the pool contractor has done.

The additional boulder work should complement the waterfall construction by providing “weight & scale”.

This will insure that the waterfall is balanced within the composition and not obtrusive or disproportionate in scale.

This is such an important point.  How often do you see a cluster of rocks as a waterfall or water-feature and no other rock work in the landscape?

You must repeat elements in your design to convey the feeling that they naturally occurred and belong there.

Position Landscape Boulders With A Purpose

Aesthetics are not the only consideration here.  The pool by design is positioned 6′ below the next proposed level area in the yard.

The waterfalls, raised jacuzzi, stone slab-steps and additional boulder work are all integral to supporting the earth for this next level.  Each boulder must be set strategically to hold the earth at various points along this 6′ grade change.

Since the mason followed the plan and built his top step precisely at 5’6″, Dave will arrange his boulder work to meet this top step.

This is deliberate so that the final grade above the pool can pitch away from the back of the pool.

Observe and Adjust

The final grade above the pool worked out well and all runoff was redirected away from the pool.

Some of that runoff ended up near the mason’s stairway and we discovered that the water was migrating down to the gravel base of the steps.

This caused the area by the lowest step to be wet and soggy particularly after heavy rains. We solved this problem with a drainage solution.

You learn from every experience, but of course each project has its unique circumstances and occurrences. Try to anticipate, but always observe and be ready to adjust.

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