copper.hose.pot1The garden hose is an essential tool for every house and garden. Even those with automatic sprinkler systems need one for a variety of  water-related chores.

Using a decorative pot or container has to be one of the best ways I know of to hide the hose and keep it handy at the same time.

The one you’re seeing here is made of copper.  Nice looking, right?  It’s made just for this purpose with a hole where the hose exits and connects to the faucet. It’s suppose to hold 150′ of hose, but that might be pushing it.   50 – 75′ is a more comfortable fit.

The homeowner has a collection of decorative planters on the patio filled with seasonal plants.  These have to be watered regularly.  The copper hose pot is the perfect solution. And I have to say, the hose comes out of the pot nicely and is a breeze to coil back in when you’re done.

Since we’re on the subject, let me just say that it pays to buy a better quality hose.  A good quality rubber hose is easier to work with and coil and, if taken care of, will last a long time.  Generally the better ones come with higher quality couplings at their ends – this makes a huge difference too. FYI, Sears makes a nice quality rubber hose at a reasonable price and they back it up with their warranty policy.  I’d suggest buying hose in 50′ lengths or less.  It’s just more manageable.

Do a search in Google for “copper hose pot” and all the choices out there.

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