Flagpoles Are A Classic Property Feature

Well the article title probably gives it away, but I happen to love the idea of integrating a flagpole into the landscape.  Come on, you have to agree!  How often do we hear and read about the importance of using “focal points” in our landscape designs?…Strategically and in good taste of course.  Well here you have it then.  They’re beautiful, classic, go with just about any style garden or home.  (Alright, a zen garden may be pushing it.)  And the patriotic sentiment is as beautiful as the flag.

Anyway, this is an all cedar wood flagpole made by Walplole Woodworkers in MA.  The homeowners had ordered it themselves so I don’t have all the details.flagpole_footing I’d say it stands around 20′ tall, has a brass ball finial at the top and comes with all the hardware and rigging.  There are 2 support posts on either side of the flagpole that allow you to pivot and lower the pole by removing one the the support pins.  A standard feature on most flagpoles for maintenance purposes.

To insure this flagpole will forever stand straight and proud we have approximately 700 lbs. of concrete in the footing.  The boys couldn’t resist leaving their handprints for future explorers to find.  The 2 x3 studs work great for bracing while the concrete sets.

I wonder if either of these wiseguys have tried to climb to the top yet.

  • Bill Jameson
    3:12 PM, 7 January 2015

    Is there a published guide for landscape architects which deals with the placement and alignment of multiple flag poles with the host property and building? As one knows, a single flag pole’s flag display will look the same 360 degrees around it. When two or more flag poles are aligned as part of a set, there is a flag “presentation side” and a “backside”. The backside usually faces the host building. The presentation side usually faces the direction in which there are the most possible observers on approach to the property. These considerations usually are the norm, but for the life of me, I can’t find any published guide for architects which describes how to achieve what has become customary and traditional.

    • Roger
      10:50 PM, 28 February 2015

      Sorry to say I don’t have any specific information on flag pole location and arrangement specs.

      Have you tried contacting flagpole manufacturing companies? I would imagine they’d either have the information or could point you in the right direction.

      Good luck!

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