What Is It About Tools and Equipment?

I was on a job site the other day and the homeowner asked if her young son could have a ride on the loader-backhoe that one of the contractors was using. For days we had been noticing this kid just staring at every piece of equipment that came on the job. So of course the operator didn’t mind giving the youngster a ride. You should have seen the look on his face while the operator ran it through some maneuvers.

Seeing that kid all excited got each of us confessing our similar fascination with tools and equipment. In fact, it’s probably a good part of what got us interested in the construction business.

So for any of you that get a thrill out of heavy equipment, check out the picture below.

This is a “drilling rig,” but not an ordinary one. This machine can drill up to 100′ per hour! Just so you know…that’s pretty amazing!

The old well on the property was to be used to provide water for the cabana and the irrigation system, but it didn’t have the capacity to produce that kind of volume. We needed a new well drilled and time was of the essence.

This professional company operates several of these rigs and in no time had secured the necessary permit and was on the job. In less than a day they had drilled a new well that gave more than enough water. And yes, I was tempted to ask the operator if I could run the machine. Some people never grow up.

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