Often overlooked is the wear & tear the driveway will incur during a major construction project.

Frankly, I think protecting the driveway should be considered for just about any (major) home improvement work being done.

Let’s face it, most work tasks involve loose materials, various liquids including paints, solvents, etc., heavy tools and other equipment.

And let’s not forget about the range of fluids that can leak out of these different pieces of equipment and trucks.

This project was a complete renovation of a backyard.  A swimming pool, spa and patio were to be added, along with a redesign of the landscape to accommodate the new features.

In order to meet the “lot coverage” requirements of the town, we had to demolish and remove an equal amount of existing impervious surface (patio, walks, pathways, etc.) to what we were proposing.

It was clear right from the start that this driveway was going to take a beating every step of the way.

Just think about the various stages of the project and all the different pieces of equipment, trucks and materials that had to pass up & down this driveway.

I recommended to the homeowner that we cover the driveway with plywood for the duration of the project.

I explained the added cost of the plywood was justified because it insured the driveway would not be damaged.

All the contractors appreciate the plywood cover as it lets them concentrate on their work while being confident the driveway is protected.

As project manager I can relax knowing that even if an accident/mishap on the drive should occur, it shouldn’t impact the drive surface.

This is just one example of the proactive planning that should go into a project to help minimize problems and stress for homeowner and contractors alike.

Here’s the next post for this project.

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