Attention To Detail

What’s wrong with this picture to the left? I don’t think it bothered the homeowner as much as it bothered me. It’s the dirt splattered on the white painted base of this mailbox post. It had to go…and stay gone!

This is just one example of the “attention to detail” that should be a part of any construction project. In this case the installation and workmanship of the mailbox post was excellent, but it shouldn’t have stopped there.

Realizing that soil & mulch around the woodwork would end up on the woodwork, how about a creative solution that’s nice to look at and solves the problem?

Stone cobble is a great technique to use for numerous decorative and functional applications. Here we used it around the base of the mailbox post to keep things clean & attractive.

In the landscape, time, use and “the elements” have a wearing affect on everything. It’s not just how good the work looks the day it’s done, but how it will stand up over time.

Let’s not forget how moisture and organics cause wood to decay.

A conscientious builder I’m currently working with uses plastic composite material for all the exterior trim work on his buildings. “Yes, the cost is a bit more, but the homeowner will never have to replace any trim” – now that’s attention to detail!

For the homeowner: Detail like this speaks volumes about the contractor(s). It shows pride and a true concern for the end product and your satisfaction. If you see examples of this work ethic, you can be pretty sure it carries throughout the rest of the project.

For the contractor: If you constantly think about what happens to your work in the weeks, months and years to come, a lot of the potential shortcomings can be addressed at the beginning. In the end you’ll avoid future call backs and, in turn, benefit from your client’s satisfaction with referral work.

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  • JW
    9:32 AM, 17 January 2006

    I see this all the time. Great solution!

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