Why Install A Brick Border?

For most homeowners it’s a decision based on looks. A brick border adds a decorative framework around an otherwise blah feature.  There is a school of thought out there with some designers that a brick border around a driveway draws unnecessary attention.  They feel the driveway is strictly a functional element and should not be highlighted.

There is some merit to that thinking particularly for a driveway in a relaxed, woodland setting.  However I don’t hold to any strong feelings one way or the other, but rather think it is more of a personal preference.

The Project

Normally I suggest leaving the driveway (and brick border) installation to last because typically contractors will need to drive on that area during other phases of construction.

Here was an exception to that rule and it was a welcomed one for the homeowner.

The detached garage was located near the side property line and the driveway was going directly to it from the street. Therefore, there was plenty of alternate access to the rest of the yard and main house for the contractors.

The homeowner’s were anxious for the new driveway because the old, narrow drive entrance was difficult to go in and out of. The new driveway would have a wider, flared entrance.

You can see in the first picture a white guideline for the driveway contractor to follow as he widens the entrance.

Fortunately the town was redoing the street and adding new concrete curbs.  We were able to take advantage of this and have the concrete curb drop match the new, wider driveway.

This happens to be an older home with beautiful detail from that era including classic brickwork on the exterior. The homeowners had the idea to add a brick border to the asphalt drive to echo the brick on the home. We set out some samples to consider the look and agreed it would add “a nice touch”.

A concrete footing was poured and allowed to dry before the soldier course of brick border was set & mortared on top.

Ar strong border like this is a plus for an asphalt drive because it protects the edge, which is often where asphalt driveways start to deteriorate.

Not only do the homeowners like the look, but going in and out with the wider entrance is now a breeze.

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