It’s A Gas Line…At Least Do That Right!

It’s just amazing. I don’t think a day goes by without seeing some kind of lousy work. Homeowners generally can not distinguish good work from crap, especially on the technical side.  If the light goes on when the switch is flipped… all is good.  If the sprinkler system gets everything wet… no problems here.  If they only knew the “little secrets” that can lie beneath.

Check this one out. We removed an existing wood deck from the side of this house in preparation for a stone patio.  There, sticking out of an old abandoned dryer vent was a copper gas line for the outdoor grill. Can you see it behind the leader pipe? Nicely done, right!?
The plumber arrived, we had a good laugh and he went to work doing the job right.

After making the proper connection on the inside, he drills a hole and sends the new gas line out to an elbow connection. From there the gas line goes down into a trench dug to where the outdoor grill will be. At that point the plumber attaches a fitting to bring the gas line just above the surface. A coupling is added to connect the outdoor grill.

Every step of the way he’s following code and using the required materials to make this feature safe. The old dryer vent hole was ultimately patched and sealed closed.

Whatever It Is…Do It Right

I guess there could be many reasons why crap work continues to be done. Maybe the contractor is just inexperienced.  Maybe he priced the job too low and now needs to cut corners to make a profit.  Maybe he knows better, but just doesn’t care.

It really doesn’t matter because eventually these businesses will fail.

I tip my hat to the dedicated tradespeople.  To the ones who really care about their work and take pride in it.  To the ones that don’t cut corners even if it means added expense or time to complete the job.  To the ones that seek solutions if they don’t have the answer themselves.

I can only hope you’re training people to follow in your footsteps.

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