Exterior porch room
When this homeowner decided to add more garage space to the home the architectural firm Callori Architects had an interesting design & use planned for the level above.

This elegant outdoor room has two sides open with columns and wood railings. The space looks out over a beautifully landscaped property.

The french doors are part of a closed side of the outdoor room. Go through the french doors and there’s a small balcony that looks over the courtyard below. This wall was designed to not only give more of a room-like feeling, but also to block prevailing winds from the north.

The remaining side of this outdoor room adjoins the kitchen area of the home, which is accessed by another set of french doors.

As you can see in the picture there is a perfect coordination of architectural detail with the construction materials required for outdoor exposure. The floor decking is mahogany finished with a stain sealer.

The family gets an extraordinary amount of use from this space both night & day. Proximity to the kitchen has its obvious appeal while the coziness of two closed sides and a ceiling overhead let them enjoy the outdoors even in less than perfect weather.

Comfy, casual and durable is the theme for this outdoor room and you can easily see why it’s one of their favorite places to “hang out.”

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