More often I see homeowners watering their plants with water nozzles like the one in the picture to the left. This type of spray nozzle is certainly one to have in your tool collection, but not for watering plants.

A water nozzle like this works at 2 extremes.  It either gives off a mist spray like you see in the produce section at the grocery store, or it shoots a narrow, powerful stream of water. Neither of these are helpful for irrigating plants.

I use this type of water nozzle for cleaning off surfaces like patios and walkways.  Also, after using soap to wash things like lawn furniture this baby blasts the suds right off.

I found a great use for the mist spray this water nozzle can make.  After installing paver bricks or powerwashing older bricks, you should sweep a “polymeric sand over the surface.  This special sand will fill voids, stabilize the bricks, and help prevent weeds.

After you’ve carefully swept the sand into all the joints you must wet the sand with a light mist of water.  The water will activate the polymers in the sand and make the particles bond.  This type of water nozzle works great for this!

So What’s The Best Water Nozzle For Plants?

I use what’s called a waterbreaker.  This shower-like water nozzle is very often attached to an aluminum wand. I guarantee once you’ve used one of these, you’ll never pick up a spray nozzle again to water your plants.

They are designed specifically for irrigation. The water comes out in generous volume, but in a soft “rain-like” flow. The wand also helps you reach hanging baskets and window boxes.

I use “waterbreakers” on the job for plants in containers and planted in the ground.  I like to know the homeowner is using one because they help ensure proper watering.

Note: Remember when watering to constantly move from plant to plant or area to area. Allow the first dose of water to soak in and then come back to that plant or area to soak it again. This method will insure the water gets down deep where it’s needed.

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