I’m currently working on a design for the toddler’s play area at a school. One of the requirements is to have an area where the children could get out of the sun for awhile. But we also realized this protected spot could serve as a staging area where parents would come to pick the kids up at dismissal.

There are absolute considerations when designing features in and around a school, none being more important than safety.

I wanted a shade structure with minimal support posts so as not to clutter the area. (You know how kids run while not looking in front of themselves?) It had to be well engineered to stand up to all the elements. And of course it had to be attractive so that it integrated with the overall design.

My search led me to a company called Porter Corp that manufacturers various outdoor structures. Parasol is their division that designs & engineers fabric covered shade shelters. Although there are other companies that make these, Parasol seems to stand out through innovative design and attention to detail.

I discussed with the company rep. how the structure was built and how it was installed. Just from my construction experience I could tell they had thoughtful design in their structures.

As you can see in the diagram, this single-pole model allows you to pivot the canopy to accommodate the sun’s changing position. It also gives you some design flexibility.

This single pole model, as with all their styles, comes in various sizes, fabric types and colors and I know it will make a beautiful and functional addition to the toddler’s play area.

I’m already thinking how the Parasol shade structures could integrate on some of my residential projects.

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