A Trellis Screen For A Narrow Space

A trellis screen is an effective tool in a landscape designer’s toolbox.

It’s often the “go-to” solution for providing privacy and screening in a narrow space.

A trellis screen combined with climbing plants can give you a vertical garden of almost any height.

Some fence companies can provide trellis-like fence panels.  They’ll either have them as a standard offering or make them up for you as a special order.

Companies like Walpole Woodworkers in MA have gorgeous lattice panels as standalone decorative pieces.  And they also offer lattice fence panels.

Of course any good carpenter can fabricate a trellis screen to your exact needs.

The Project

In my first article on RB Project #3 I mentioned concrete footing structures made with Sono Tubes. They were being installed behind the stone wall as it was being built.

These footing structures were to be the base mounts for the trellis screen posts. A tall structure like this needs a strong foundation to handle any winds or other forces.

Pressure treated 4X4’s were core drilled and slid over the galvanized pipes protruding from each concrete footing structure.

This build method keeps the post from coming in contact with the ground and decaying over time.

And also, in this case, the balance of the trellis construction was done with Kleer PVC lumber — so wood decay will not be a problem at all.


The open spaces on the trellis pattern are 2.5″.  This spacing was determined after creating a few different samples for all of us to see.

It’s a good idea to take the time and build samples because, depending on the application, spacing of the trellising can have a very different effect.


The surface mount lanterns help to create that “room feeling” and at night the lower wattage bulbs give a cozy ambiance.

Provisions were made during construction to run wire for each fixture. While the 4 X 4″ posts were being clad with Kleer PVC lumber, a channel space was provided for the wire. A special, shallow electrical box called a “pancake box” was used to mount the lanterns.

It’s always smart in design to incorporate structure into the landscape.  A trellis screen can literally be the walls of your outdoor room.  

Here’s the previous post for this project. And here’s the next. 

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