A Poster Of Plant Knowledge

While my main computer is in the shop for repairs I’m using my old (reliable) computer, which unfortunately doesn’t have my picture files on it. Hence, my first post without a picture.

I did, however, want to get a post out wishing you a “Happy Spring” and to share with you an excellent poster I became aware of through one of the trade publications.

This PDF, titled Ten Easy Ways to Kill a Tree (And How to Avoid Them) was produced by University of Arkansas. Many of the critical points I try to convey to clients in terms of plant health care and the importance of the horticultural sciences are illustrated on this poster. The position she takes is that trees (and plants in general) are killed not by insects and disease, but by improper care and damage.

I couldn’t agree more and, in fact, have a Category dedicated to Landscape Errors on Not all, but a good number of those articles are based on the mistakes being made in the trade that actually do more harm than good to plants.

This simple PDF will give you a wealth of  information to guide you if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. Also, if you’re considering hiring someone to do landscape related work (including maintenance), this PDF could enable you to qualify some of what these contractors might be proposing.

Isn’t it great we have authoritative information like this to help us make the right decisions?!

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