A Never Realized Feature

This homeowner asked for a design to renovate the front landscape.

The only specific request they had was to save a beautiful Laceleaf Maple that was planted up against the foundation of the house. Beyond that they wanted a fresh, new look for their home.

I’ve written before about the role design often plays in terms of “function” and this project offers an good example of that principle.

The home is located on a corner lot.  The driveway is on the right side, which leads to the garage beneath the first floor of the house.

From this driveway/garage level the property rises gradually to the front door landing.

Supporting the grade change along the driveway was an existing timber wall with masses of old shrubbery.

Up above, the front door had its own walkway that meandered towards the opposite street from the driveway (remember, this is a corner lot).

This existing walkway served as the main access to the home. 

If you happened to pull in their driveway as a visitor, you would have to walk across their sloped lawn to get to the front door.

A Simple Stairway – Walkway Solution

The timber wall was aging, which incentivized me to replace the wall and at the same time provide steps and a secondary walkway from the driveway level to the front door,

The homeowner liked the concept and the project went ahead. 

After the new stone stairway and wall, a new walkway continued in incremental stretches with 1 or 2 stone slab steps added until it met up and merged with the existing front walk.

The jaunt up the new steps and walkway was a pleasant stroll with integrated rock outcroppings and plant groupings — all helping to “naturally” retain some of the sloping grades.

The homeowner said she actually looked forward to parking down by the garage and walking up to the front door. 🙂

  • Susan Carr
    6:01 PM, 3 September 2018

    Wow! That is beautiful!

    • Roger
      3:51 PM, 6 September 2018

      And now it’s about 8 years since that project was done, and I see it almost every year as we continue you do things on the property. The Purpleleaf Plum was removed because of Black Knot Fungus and replaced with a Kousa Dogwood. And the Yucca was removed too.
      Thanks, Susan, for your comment!

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