The homeowners had made several improvements to their house that included renovating the kitchen and adding a family/great room.

For the exterior they added a deck, upgraded the trim around the windows & doors and replaced the front door lanterns. All that was left was…

The Landscape Renovation

A complete landscape design was developed which included most of the items on the homeowner’s “wish list”.

The property had some challenging characteristics that had to be considered such as deep shade and competitive root systems.  These two often go together.

Kearney Stone was used for the walls, front walk, landings and slab-steps.

Fieldstone boulders were found on the property and used in the design to unify the home with the surroundings.

Some of the plant material selections for this landscape renovation came from the homeowner’s list, but always with a consideration for each plant’s characteristics and requirements.

There’s a balanced mix of evergreens, deciduous plants, groundcovers and perennials.  No matter what the season there’s always something going on plant wise.

There are low path lights called “beacons” which you can hardly see, yet they light the walk & steps beautifully.

These lights were chosen because the family dog runs free on the property and we didn’t want pathlights that could be broken.

The wood lamp post from Walpole Woodworkers marks the entrance to the front walk.  Day or night the woodwork of this post brings the architecture of the home out into the landscape.

With smart plant selection, proper spacing and arranging, these gardens grow with minimal maintenance.

It should be a very long time before a landscape renovation should ever be considered again. In fact, with proper care and maintenance, this landscape should outlive us all.

  • Anne
    6:58 PM, 23 April 2011

    Absolutely beautiful transition! I’ve read just about every page on your website, having stumbled across it today, and I am SO impressed by your writing and your care for plants and for the people trying to learn how to take care of them! Thanks!

    • Roger
      8:55 PM, 24 April 2011

      Hello Anne,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the content.

      The owners of this home love their yard and spend some of their free time gardening. They know what things need their care and attention, and delegate the more “straightforward” tasks to the weekly maintenance contractor.

      Occasionally they’ll ask me for a one hour consult just to walk the property and advise on things. With notes in hand and a boatload of enthusiasm they’re ready to go. The property really shows this attention to detail.
      All the best,

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