Play areas are a common feature in today’s landscapes.  Most of them include a play structure with swings, a slide, monkey bars and a fort-like platform.

I thought you parents would get a kick out of this play area.This is a residential property and surprisingly not that big a property.

The backyard landscape is set up with a flagstone patio and small lawn area directly behind the house. Beautiful shade gardens are throughout.  So the landscape has the necessary “outdoor rooms” and features for entertaining.

At the back of the property is a woodland area. Moving towards the woods the lawn ends and the play area begins.  Small pea-gravel is used as the play area floor.  The gravel stays clean, drains well and does a nice job of “breaking a fall”.

The picture shows you just some of the features (yes, that’s miniature golf), but what you’re not seeing includes a hanging cable ride, wooden play structure with fort & sandbox, trampoline…you get the picture.

Oh yeah, there’s a cinder path (6′ wide) running through the wooded back area. This is for anything with wheels on it that the kids ride.

As you might expect the children are constantly out in the yard and if you think that gives the parents a little time to themselves, forget it, they’re out in the play area with the kids having fun.

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