Sometimes One Front Walk Is Not Enough

After years of family & friends traipsing over the front lawn and gardens to get to the front door from the driveway, this homeowner decided it was time for a legitimate walkway.

There is an existing front yard walkway from the street which looks great and serves the occasional visitor. They had no intention of removing this primary walk. But what they wanted was a secondary walk that would accommodate this every day foot traffic from the driveway.

From a practical sense the new front yard walkway had to be designed along the obvious route people would take. If not, folks would just continue to blaze their own path.

The challenge was to integrate this new path in such a way that it harmonized with the front landscape and was not obtrusive. By choosing a natural stone with irregular shapes and neutral tones it mimicked a subtle stone path you might see in nature.

The width of the path varied too adding further charm.

Stone slab-steps were placed strategically to overcome the sloping grade and allow level areas for walking. You can see too how this step / walk configuration also adds interest while integrating well with the landscape.

Don’t Forget The Details

PVC sleeves were strategically installed underground at three intervals along the front yard walkway. These should accommodate any underground utilities (low voltage lighting, sprinklers, etc.) they may add in the future.

Since the stone path has been installed additional plantings have been added throughout the area, including along the path. Later this spring, when the garden is in “all its glory,” I’ll photograph and post those pictures. It still amazes me how additional “detail” plantings can truly be the finishing touch to any construction project.

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